Sunday, 26 May 2013

Making of 'Better'


   I don't know know if there is a better way I could have made 'Better', but this is how I went about it:

    I have a problem with second-hand shopping, not so recently I purchased a wonderful wool coat, despite its giant stain and ill-fitting nature that is. A couple of years later I decided it was time that that coat became strips of fabric, which then became rolled up wool fabric tube-type things that I stored for some time in a box. Finally I had a job for them to do! I rolled up two tubes and pinned them into place.

   I then laid out some shiny yellow chord into the shape of the word, pinning it along the way and sewed it down invisibly from behind.

It just so happened that the horizontal on the double 't' perfectly lined up with gaps in the swirled tubing and was in an ideal position to turn this word into a ring (all beit for a very tiny finger, smaller than mine, but briefly it was ok to cut off my blood supply to demonstrate its ring-like ability).


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