Sunday, 26 May 2013

Making of 'Red'...



    Inspired by a barber shop front lacking only those stripy, spiny things they have on the wall outside the doors, that and the large amount of red and white striped fabric I came to find in my possession.

   The core of this piece is made from light weight foam board, trimmed along the edges to create a 45degree angle to provide a snug fit when its time to construct the box like center.

The next step in the plan is to cover this foam board box structure with the fabric which I embroidered on the multihead embroidery machine. To use this machine you need to first create a digital file to programme the multihead to embroider.

  To make 'red' hangable I threaded a length of red chord through the hollow at going through the center of the foam board core and through the gap in the folded fabric.
   I couldn't get my head around a decorative knot for this one (as I am only beginning on my voyage into the unknown world of knotting) so I had to resort to fashioning my own version of a knot.

The very final touch for the barber-shop-front-esque word was to give it that distinctive scalloped edge. Having chosen a fabric that frays, and without the option of hemming, I had to affix an adhesive backing onto the fabric. Unfortunately I didn't have any self adhesive backing and had to improvise by way of double sided sticky tape and some finer fabric, which I then cut into shape following a paper guide I made earlier.                                                                                              

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