Sunday, 26 May 2013

Making of 'Dark'...

  'Dark' was a word that evolved as I progressed through the process.
   I started out with the intention of making just a semi-circular brim/visor.

I started out by cutting the brim shape from stiff large scale plastic canvas which I couched rolled wool tops and chunky cotton yarn.

As I worked through this project I realised that a full hat would be much better to make that just a visor so I went about making a hat half, which I did by drawing out a paper template, testing the design of the sections and then making up a denim version.                                                      

   It then transpired that a semi-circular brim wouldn't  fit on the hat front, so I cut out some add on corners that I affixed in a sturdy way using fine wire, so as to give the illusion of having been made perfectly without any mistakes in the design...

    To make the letters I bundles some cotton yarn together, knotting the end and then binding in, all the while bending into the shape of the desired letter.

-Done, nice and shady!

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